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We offer you olive oil from the Balqa Mountains, which has been pressed in Abu Athieh’s presses with the latest cold pressing techniques


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Abu Athieh Contemporary was established in 1983 AD, it was founded by the late Hajj Khaled Abu Athieh with one production line, then in the second year it became two production lines due to increase  people’s demand.

In 1993, three production lines became, and the Contemporary was an outlet for the people of Mahis, Badr and the neighboring areas, and it saved the burdens of transporting olives and waiting in other Contemporaries.

Our oil was marketed in Jordan, America and the Arab Gulf because the Contemporary achieved the quality of olive oil, thanks to the vision of Haji Khaled Abu Athieh by adopting scientific procedures by sending his sons to Italy to receive technical courses. Technical and food matters from the olive tree to the olive seeds to a drop of oil.

And here we are keeping pace with the march of Hajj Khaled, may God have mercy on him, by developing the Contemporary year after year, and as we are proud of the number of our customers who are increasing from time to time, and we are proud that when searching for the best types of olive oil in Jordan on search engines, we, Abu Athieh contemporary, are at the forefront of the search results, not to mention the People praised us among each other, which put us in the top responsibility to stay on top.

We are the first Contemporary in the Kingdom under the leadership of Eng. Mofeed Abu Athieh . We carry out media and guidance matters in the service of the country and in advertising matters to convey the idea of ​​marketing olive oil from farms to the Contemporary, in order to serve the farmer, the consumer, country and national wealth.

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